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The application of Carbide Rods

Nov. 11, 2017

Carbide rod and Carbide Wear Parts both are carbide products.The following i will talk about the carbide rods.

Carbide rod is a composite material produced by powder metallurgy.

Mainly used in drill bits, end mills, cutter. It can also be used for cutting, stamping and measuring tools. It can be applied to papermaking, packaging, printing, non-ferrous metal processing industry. In addition, it is also widely used in the processing of high-speed steel cutting tools, carbide cutter, carbide cutting tools, NAS cutting tools, aviation tools, carbide drill bits, cutter coring bits, high speed steel, taperd cutter, metric Milling Cutters, Micro End Mills, Hinge Pilot, Electronic Cutters, Step Drills, Metal Cutting Saws, Double Warranty Drills, Gun Poles, Angle Mills, Carbide Rotary Files, Carbide Tools and more.

Carbide rod

Carbide Nozzles Carbide Nozzles
 Carbide Bushings,Sleeves,Bearings Carbide Bushings,Sleeves,Bearings
Carbide Boring Bar Blanks Carbide Boring Bar Blanks
Carbide Gun Drill Blanks Carbide Gun Drill Blanks

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