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Different carbide bars are suitable for different occasions

Oct. 23, 2017

Carbide bar materials are mainly used:

1. Carbide bar for micro-drilling. 

2. Carbide bar has good wear resistance and bending resistance, mainly for the production of extruded bar, suitable for general drill, knives and other wear parts. 

3. Carbide bar has a good wear resistance and bending resistance, mainly used to produce extruded bar, the production of small diameter micro drill, watches and clocks with cutting tools, the overall reamer and other cutting tools and wear parts. 

4. Carbide bar for a superfine particles of tungsten steel material, this tungsten steel bar with high hardness, good bending strength, with wear and not easy to collapse, not easy to break the characteristics. It is a special material for micro-drilling, widely used in tungsten steel cutter, carving knife and wear-resistant parts.

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